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Ask our (Employment Law) Attorney Anything


The NE Chamber teamed up with hr|simple, HR Nebraska and Knudsen Law Firm to bring you the first installment of our 4-part ‘HR Hour’ webinar series.

Knudsen attorney Chuck Wilbrand answers the audience’s most complicated HR questions in this open Q&A style webinar. 

We cover topics such as:

– Best practices for conducting credit checks on new employees vs existing employees
– Do commissioned employees get the same time off as salaried employees?
– If we have employees that are currently exempt but due to further clarification in laws should be considered non-exempt, what is the best way to go about that change?
– What are our options and/or obligations regarding pay once a person exhausts their paid sick leave? 
– How to handle an employee with alcohol dependency
– Drug testing employees
– Can companies provide a stipend or cash-in-lieu of a health insurance benefit
– Remote workers
– And much more!

*Disclaimer: this should not be taken as legal advice.

Visit our YouTube channel to view a selection of archived webinars


hr|WEBINAR: Ask our (Employment Law) Attorney Anything
Start: Tuesday, June 27, 2023 5:00 pm UTC
Category: Hiring
Duration: 40 minutes
CREDITS: 1 SHRM and HRCI credit
Host: Amy Tripp, Director of Marketing and Events
Cost: FREE for hr|simple members /
$60 non-members

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